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My Story

If you don't want to know how I used the incredible power of affirmations to go from practically homeless, directionless, broke (and therefore - single!), in debt, unfit, unhealthy, lazy and ambitionless, to a successfully married father of five, multiple business owner who creates premium tools for transformation, inspiring thousands to better themselves, someone who 

eats and lives really well, gets to live his passion every single day, who uses debt as an asset, knows how to create wealth and value, spends time with his family doing the things that he loves and gives back, then this site and the premium tools for transformation found on 'The All Is In Us' isn't for you...

What Was I Thinking?

2004 was a rough year, I had lost my job, been in a string of dead-end relationships, going nowhere with my music - my band had split up because of some terrible managerial issues (I basically let a drunken drug addict, with no experience in the music industry, manage my band and my precious songs - needless to say, it was a recipe for disaster!) I was lazy and unmotivated, drinking way too much, doing too many other 'recreational' things that were destroying my body and mind. Although I wasn't 'clinically' depressed I was depressed, directionless, a mess, I owed money and was like a parasite to all those around me, I was sleeping on a friend's couch in his living room and always looking for what I could get out of people and giving nothing back.

I decided that something HAD to change! My life was worth more, but I was a victim - this stuff was just happening to me, there was nothing I could do or have done about it, right? There had to be answers outside of drink, drugs and other 'destructive' and parasitic endeavors.

Towards the end of that year, in my desperation, I had started 'nervously' and skeptically listening to a few self-help CD's and reading books like 'The Science of Getting Rich' by Wallace D Wattles and 'The Master Key' by Charles F Haanel. In the beginning, I thought them a bit hooky-kooky, but I recall, in my despondency, being 'attracted' to those 'tools' and I still recall the trepidation I felt when I began them.

So instead of trying to change the 'outside' world, I started 'within'....

I remember vividly the night when I started to put conscious awareness and intention to work in my life. I was sitting in a smoky, half empty pub on Portobello Road, London England, it was New Years Eve 2004/05, I was alone, the pub was devoid of any New Years Cheer and populated with a few drunks and loners mumbling incoherently to themselves, I was acutely aware of being single, sick of being paranoid and constantly broke, and fed up with feeling down and going nowhere.

Sitting in that empty pub, sipping my beer, as the clock struck midnight, I said to myself: 'Johnny, 2005 is going to be AMAZING, I am going to change, I am going to find an amazing woman, I am going to get fit, people are going to hear my music, I am going to make 2005 the most SUCCESSFUL year of my life - I will use my Intelligence and Creativity to bless the lives of others'. I didn't have much experience about intention or affirmations, and realise now that this was a pretty vague and poorly constructed affirmation, but it was with the sheer FORCE of CONVICTION that I said this to myself, it resonated deep into my core. I attached an IMAGE in my mind to what I wanted to SEE happen in my life, I did so with a BURNING DESIRE for change, and, little did I know, but that single incident put into motion the transformation that led to where I am today.

After leaving the pub, I didn't really give that night much more thought until strange things started happening…

The first thing was, by a series of 'seemingly random' events, I became keyboard player and guitarist for a band who had a single at no. 21 in the British pop charts. Through my further use of intention and manifesting, this led to me being able to share my talents with millions of people - we did festivals, TV shows and many other great and well paid gigs! A lot of fun, and many fantastic, (unrepeatable) stories came out of that!

I also found a newly ignited passion for teaching guitar and music and as a music instructor, my student base started to sky-rocket. I went from having a few students to having more than I could physically teach. (This also laid the seeds for London Studios which is now the leading school for music instruction in Salt Lake City, Utah and laid the foundation of freedom that enabled my family and I to go on a round-the-world trip during Covid. More about this later!)

In March of that year (2005), I walked into a pub just up the road from the one I was in on New Years, and I started talking to a 'random' woman there, who at the time, I thought was _just_ the kind of woman I should date, she was funny, terse, intelligent, well read, stunningly beautiful, American (you can't have everything, I suppose!!) And through more intention (some more conscious than others) I went on to date her, we fell in love effortlessly, and I'm still married to her, we have five incredible children and live in the U.S in some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen.

I paid people back the money I owed, went from being a mooch to someone who gave more, I became more invested in the people around me, I wanted to give value, not just take what I could.

I started to get fit, I went out on a bike for the first time in years, and remember riding up a small little hill and almost vomiting when I got to the top - things soon changed though, and I started to go out on long (100 mile) rides with guys that were a lot fitter than me, I did my best to keep up and got very fit and healthy in the process!

I also became far more aware of the foods I consumed, so started making consciously healthier choices, I went from feeling sluggish to being full of energy and enthusiasm. I also cut back on my recreational habits, and it wasn't until the 1st Jan 2006 on the day I moved to America, that I stopped drinking and destroying myself, and haven't touched a drop of alcohol since (17 years and counting!)

Random or Planned

All of these events, before my 'awakening', I would have put down to chance, or luck, but this just isn't so. That night, in that smoky pub, when I decided to take 100% responsibility, and through the use of a badly worded but profoundly purposeful and convicting affirmation, it CHANGED everything.

I'm not going to tell you that that was all I did, just say one affirmation and everything magically changed - it was so much more than just the reciting or saying of words. I backed the original statement with PURPOSE and a DEEP DESIRE to change, so the affirmation triggered massive ACTION on my part to reach and put me on the path to becoming the person I knew I could and wanted to be.

I have to constantly remind myself that affirmations are a single and powerful tool in a large tool-box of success techniques. They're not the only tool you need to use to create the life of your dreams.

      The 'problem' of my early 'transformation'

As with any personal change or growth, it isn’t always a straight road, there’s ups and downs and sometimes, more downs than ups, BUT, there’s definite ways to improve your chance of ‘making it’, of ‘getting to where you want to get’.

One thing that I found hard in the beginning of my journey was the problem of being able to fully ‘consume’ and really get the most out of the books and material I was reading and listening to. For example, I would read a chapter of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and there was a lot of information in there but also a lot of ‘fluff’ in there too. By ‘fluff’, I mean the stuff that’s good info (or sometimes not so good) but not great, soul-stirring, life-changing stuff that I desperately needed to ‘inject’ into my brain.

So, I started to do something to separate the ‘meaty stuff’ from the ‘fluff’

Here’s where I put my transformation on steroids. I would take a book I was reading, study it, re-read it and try to get the essence of what the author was expressing and turn those essential truths and gems of knowledge and wisdom found in the pages into first-person power affirmations!

Effectively, I was distilling the ‘ancient’ knowledge into laser-focused affirmations that I could read and bore into my brain and heart, and these concentrated gems of life-changing wisdom became my ‘statements of truth’ that I could put onto 3”x5” cards and read and get totally fired up over.

Effectively, I was distilling the ‘ancient’ knowledge into laser-focused affirmations that I could read and bore into my brain and heart, and these concentrated gems of life-changing wisdom became my ‘statements of truth’ that I could put onto 3”x5” cards and read and get totally fired up over.

Effectively, I was distilling the ‘ancient’ knowledge into laser-focused affirmations that I could read and bore into my brain and heart, and these concentrated gems of life-changing wisdom became my ‘statements of truth’ that I could put onto 3”x5” cards and read and get totally fired up over.

I would put cards up around the house or take them to the gym, recite the affirmations in front of the mirror, on the treadmill, on my bike, basically anywhere and everywhere I could, I’d be repeating the affirmations out loud with conviction and deep belief. 


I still felt that there was a better way of ‘consuming’ the affirmations and wisdom. And I could feel myself being pulled towards developing a ‘higher’ way of using the ‘secret’ of my transformation. I didn’t know at the time, but could sense there was a way that I could maximize what I’d discovered and share it with the world.

Being being a musician and producer, and having recently (circa 2007) read ‘The Success Principles’ by Jack Canfield, I had formulated a ‘Life Purpose’ and ‘Vision Statement’ which was (and still is):

‘To use my creativity and intelligence to bless the lives of others so the spirit of abundance flows through them and me’.

I still use this statement to gauge the ‘success’ of each and every day of my life, and with that ‘purpose’ in mind, way back in 2007, I hit on a way that everyone could share in the profound power of what I’d discovered!

I would use my ‘creativity and intelligence’ to compose pieces of music that I would then record the specially formulated affirmations over so I could listen to and receive the deep wisdom anywhere and everywhere I went and whatever I was doing!

And so ‘The Illuminated Manuscripts’ were born!

It was a game-changer for me! I could listen to the meditative music that was recorded with the sole intent of creating a deeply relaxed and receptive state of mind so I could ‘drink in’ and internalize the power of the affirmations distilled from the classic books I’d read. As long as I had my Ipod (remember those?) I could take it anywhere and I was so fired up by my ‘discovery’ that I set to work creating ‘Illuminated Manuscripts’ (IM) for ‘The Science of Getting Rich’, ‘The Master Key’, ‘Secret of the Ages’, and ‘Think and Grow Rich’.

But life had other plans!

Anticipating the arrival of our first child, my wife and I experienced unparalleled joy when our beautiful baby daughter was born in December 2007—an event that stands as the greatest day in both our lives! However, the demands of parenthood, coupled with sleepless nights and the expansion of two other businesses already generating revenue (deemed more urgent at the time), led to the disappearance of the time I once devoted to my 'passion projects.' While embracing the elation of becoming a father, I also grappled with the disappointment of being unable to carve out time to complete the captivating ‘Illuminated Manuscript’ project I was so enthusiastic and fired up over.

I’m certainly not one for making excuses about finishing the things I’d started, but I had to reluctantly put my ‘Illuminated Manuscripts’ on the back burner! It was a downer for me for sure but each of the ‘IMs’ I’d started were in differing stages of completion and literally had to sit on my hard drive gathering digital dust! I still listened to the chapters I’d been able to finish but had to make the reluctant, but conscious, choice to put my energy elsewhere. I always knew that I would come back to ‘Illuminated Manuscripts’ but didn’t know that it wouldn’t be till 15 years later!

What you see on 'The All Is In Us' site is the ‘re-birth’ of the Illuminated manuscript!

The whole of the ‘The All Is In Us’ site is the brainchild of my business partner and I where I’m now able to carve out the time needed to FINISH the ‘Illuminated Manuscripts’ that I started so many years ago (and also create a few other, equally exciting music/meditation products!) so you can listen to and soak up the profound, life-changing, life-affirming wisdom in a truly unique, beautiful and inspiring way!

To your unparalleled growth and transformation,